Thanks for dropping by! "What's this ND6T thing?" you ask. Sorry, no secret meaning. That is just the amateur radio call sign that the FCC assigned to me many years ago. As the word “amateur” implies, this is a hobby. We amateur radio hobbyists, often known as “hams” are a diverse group with just one thing in common; We all just LOVE radio!

Some of us like to experiment, some like to build hand-made equipment, some like to just converse with other hams, some like to compete their stations and skills with others. Others, are primarily involved in public service. There are too many diverse “hobbies” within amateur radio to count since there are so many people actively involved worldwide. Me? I like to see how simple (and cheap) that I can build something that actually works!

Amateur radio may be the original “open source” community. Everything that we do, we share. This is how we educate ourselves, how we advance technology, and how (hopefully) we help improve the world as we see it. It is the reason for this site.

I am just learning how to build a web site so you will find this one pretty basic and simple. Everything is hand-coded using a basic text processor. On many of the illustrations you can get a closer look by clicking on them. Hopefully I have enabled these pages to be re-formatted by your tablet or smart phone so that you can use them at your home workbench. Being simple also allows for faster loading with limited bandwidth.

There are a lot of information-dense pages strewn throughout this site, layers deep. It's something like a treasure hunt. Keep your eyes open for high-lighted and underlined links! Despite the "dot com" designation, this is not a commercial site. I am not selling anything, sorry.

If you know of any way that I could improve this please drop me a line at: nd6t@velotech.net. I would enjoy hearing from you.

Don Cantrell

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